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Kanel Bullar… Sweet Cinnamon Buns for Fika

Kanel Bullar… Sweet Cinnamon Buns for Fika2019-07-31T16:05:26+02:00

Insalata Pantesca. Ricetta.




2 patate

300 g Pomodori ciliegino (meglio se Pachino)

1 Cipolla rossa

3 cucchiai di  capperi sottosale panteschi (circa 15)

15 […]

Insalata Pantesca. Ricetta.2016-11-06T11:42:40+01:00

Pantelleria… Mare lavoro e fotografia


Uno dei pranzi più buoni e gustosi di questa estate, lo ha preparato Costanza, amica e proprietaria di questi dammusi, Le Case del Principe, per me e per Lù (in viaggio con me).


Pantelleria… Mare lavoro e fotografia2016-11-06T11:42:40+01:00

Amalfi Coast… another flashback


GO to More for the english version! Continua per la versione Italiana

Finalmente tra viaggi, cene e lavoro ritaglio un pò di tempo e scrivo.

La mia estate è iniziata presto…infatti era ancora primavera ritengo infatti che […]

Amalfi Coast… another flashback2016-11-06T11:42:41+01:00

A photographer in a real Kitchen… Cooking School


Una divista Bianca, La toque un set di coltelli e.. una macchina fotografica

(English text after read more)

Ormai sono passati mesi…

Ma rileggevo alcuni appunti per “post mai postati” ed eccone uno di qualche […]

A photographer in a real Kitchen… Cooking School2016-11-06T11:42:41+01:00

Easter Dove Cake… not a common Colomba


La Colomba, Pasqua e una semplice domenica in famiglia

Colomba 3_small


Easter has been one week ago… and it was the peaceful holiday day with the family that it […]

Easter Dove Cake… not a common Colomba2016-11-06T11:42:41+01:00

Beetroot cake.. for New year’s wishes



The color of  New Year’s Eve and First and New Year Day for Good Luck, in Italy, is RED!!

So to wish you an amazing 2015 rich of all beautiful moment I will dedicate to you […]

Beetroot cake.. for New year’s wishes2016-11-06T11:42:42+01:00

Risotto stracco e bietole rosse



Risotto with Stracchino Cheese  and Red Beet (see photo in the end) keep reading for an Italian & English version…


Fall […]

Risotto stracco e bietole rosse2016-11-06T11:42:42+01:00

Happy Pumking day!


Il 31 di Ottobre, ricevo messaggi dai miei amici che mi vorrebbero vestita da strega a festeggiare la notte dei morti.  Ma non fa per me, quando eravamo piccoli noi questo Halloween non c’ era… […]

Happy Pumking day!2016-11-06T11:42:42+01:00

Rose Apple Cake to celebrate Autumn


I was at the market, always here, and again chatting with my fav  greengrocer,Sabrina, I  was there among the crates of […]

Rose Apple Cake to celebrate Autumn2016-11-06T11:42:42+01:00

Autunno, la tavola si fa bella per te


 Tra dolci, fiori e zucche: la tavola  si fa bella per l´autunno.

Giorni e giorni di organizzazione e finalmente l´incontro di due creativitá: Peperosa Flowers e Inside My Bag… fanno faville!


Autunno, la tavola si fa bella per te2016-11-06T11:42:42+01:00

Green Bistrot: il Benessere incontra il Gusto


Una giornata diversa, piacevole e ispirativa quella di domenica scorsa, passata al Circolo degli Artisti dove si é tenuto il Green Bistrot. Vorrei, innanzitutto, ringraziare i ragazzi di  YogAyur, per avermi segnalato questo evento […]

Green Bistrot: il Benessere incontra il Gusto2016-11-06T11:42:42+01:00

Almonds treasure




(Per la versione italiana del testo vai a fine post)

Being by myself for some […]

Almonds treasure2016-11-06T11:42:42+01:00

Leaving Case Vecchie (Some weeks ago)


Per la versione italiana vai a fine post (For the Italian translation go to the end of the post)

Finally I made it. I am on the train and in… eight hours I will be home. […]

Leaving Case Vecchie (Some weeks ago)2016-11-06T11:42:43+01:00

Day 4: Good morning Sicily


Sto scoprendo con mio sommo piacere che le specialitá siciliane sono i dolci e i primi.

I am discovering with really great pleasure that Sicilian delicatesse are mainly desserts and first course…

Day 4: Good morning Sicily2016-11-06T11:42:43+01:00

Happy B-day “Inside my bag”: 3 years!!!



Today I received an email: “Inside my bag” turned three today. Yes… Yes, it´s true. Ooops! I almost forgot it.

Stamani ho ricevuto una mail: “Inside my bag” compie tre anni oggi.  Si… Si, é vero! […]

Happy B-day “Inside my bag”: 3 years!!!2016-11-06T11:42:43+01:00

A taste of Italy: second part.


Two weeks before Lina came I was speaking with Simona, “It would be nice to show something typical of our Italian style of life” so she proposed to go for a Fraschetta.

Going to a  Fraschetta […]

A taste of Italy: second part.2016-11-06T11:42:43+01:00

A taste of Italy: first part.


A couple of weeks ago I had a good friend of me visiting  from Sweden.

You know when you meet a person, when you are already a grown up and you just connect? You start to […]

A taste of Italy: first part.2016-11-06T11:42:43+01:00

Uova di Pasqua


Un veloce post solo per augurare a tutti Buona Pasqua…

Just a quick post to wish all an Happy Easter…


È mezzanotte sono in cucina, ho appena sfornato il pan brioche […]

Uova di Pasqua2016-11-06T11:42:43+01:00

Un weekend in Sicila: Anna Tasca Lanza Cooking School


Parlando dell´Italia ho sempre sostenuto che il posto piú bello da visitare fosse la Sicilia, visitata giá due volte ma mai veramente goduta a pieno.

Quindi questa volta dovendo scendere a Palermo per un servizio ero […]

Un weekend in Sicila: Anna Tasca Lanza Cooking School2016-11-06T11:42:43+01:00

Blood Oranges Upside-down Cake


Still winter, even if we are having a very warm and  atypical one… we still have to wait some months for cherries, berries, apricots, melon…indeed the very irresistible one. But now why should not have […]

Blood Oranges Upside-down Cake2016-11-06T11:42:44+01:00

Blue Potato…and orange


(Per la versione in Italiano leggere dopo “continue reading”)

A couple of weeks ago I was in a green market, here in Rome, and I found this wonderful potatoes.

PatateViola_SabrinaRossiIMG_6461 copy

Not […]

Blue Potato…and orange2016-11-06T11:42:44+01:00

The Fairy Princess


Vai a continue reading per il post in italiano

Last week, I spent some days with my brother´s family. My little sweet nephew and nice, Gabriele e Giulia, really made me super happy, we […]

The Fairy Princess2014-02-25T21:45:47+01:00

Winter Red Pearls…pomegranate!


(Vai a continue reading per il testo in Italiano)

Between a post and  the other on my culinary experiments I am here to write about the work I have done lately.
Alice Cucina (the […]

Winter Red Pearls…pomegranate!2016-11-06T11:42:44+01:00

This has been really a strange summer



My head has been spinning all time, looking for some peace and I did as well: I have been all around in Italy, also I travelled back and forward to Malmö twice.

The first trip has […]
This has been really a strange summer2016-11-06T11:42:47+01:00

Martini & Rhubarb


Rabarbaro 7552_SabrinaRossi

Sometimes you don´t need to go out, you just want chill out at home, maybe with the one you loved, or with your best friend […]

Martini & Rhubarb2016-11-06T11:42:47+01:00

Artichoke…don´t forget that I am flower!



Deep fried artichokes, Jews Roman Style.

There are just two special ingredients for this simple amazing recipe: roman artichokes and olive oil (a lot).

The roman artichokes have a big, short and firm flower. This is not […]

Artichoke…don´t forget that I am flower!2016-11-06T11:42:48+01:00

Good Nettle!


Gnocchi ortica_SabrinaRossi
We all experienced the nettle as a bad plant. I think everyone as a kid has ran into it and then after that learned and […]

Good Nettle!2016-11-06T11:42:48+01:00

Spring is here.



Spring LillasSweden is beautiful but it is even more when the sun is shining.

All the lilac´s bushes are in flower now.  The scent of this flower […]

Spring is here.2016-11-06T11:42:48+01:00

Pasta c’anciova e muddica atturrata


If you are still reading after the name of recipe, it means that you are curious or you are thinking that from the pictures this pasta looks delicious…or both.


Pasta c’anciova e muddica atturrata2016-11-06T11:42:48+01:00

Picnic per 2


Some ideas and recipe that I want to share with you perfect for a fast and simple romantic picnic in the park.

Idee Picnic

I […]

Picnic per 22016-11-06T11:42:48+01:00

Sweden, the spring is here…


 Out for a walk, hunting some good fresh herbs (propping for some pictures) and new landscape around Malmö we arrived at Limahm.

SR_Limahm 39[…]

Sweden, the spring is here…2016-11-06T11:42:48+01:00

What katie ate book is arrived!



I have been following Katie Queen for almost two years. I fell in love of her food styling and picture. She inspired from my first step in this adventure to become a food photographer, a […]

What katie ate book is arrived!2016-11-06T11:42:48+01:00

Cooking Memories…


Sometimes I found my self telling people about my childhood and, most of the times, these are  stories about me in the kitchen with my mum baking or looking at her while she´s cooking.

So that´s […]

Cooking Memories…2016-11-06T11:42:48+01:00

Holidays part 2: New Year´s Eve for 4


After a wonderful time with our big families we decide for something smaller and quieter with just a couple of friends for the New Year´s eve party.

A simple easy finger food dinner: a romantic white […]

Holidays part 2: New Year´s Eve for 42016-11-06T11:42:48+01:00

Holidays part 1: White Sweet Christmas…


This is going to be our second Advent in Sweden.

And for who loves Christmas as I do, this is the perfect place around December.

A couple of my friends will love to come here just to […]

Holidays part 1: White Sweet Christmas…2016-11-06T11:42:48+01:00

Would you like a warm Soup?


 Outside it´s snowing.

I found my self staring out the window (actually, I found my cat doing the same) the white and soft snowflakes coming down.

Today, I have been out just enough to appreciate […]

Would you like a warm Soup?2016-11-06T11:42:48+01:00

New look…same blog!


Finally, after more than one year I found the correct aspect for my blog.

You will find the same contents but organized a little bit better (hopefully).

You can search for tags, you can search […]

New look…same blog!2016-11-06T11:42:48+01:00

Macarons…first batch!


How many times did you think “ohh look that macarons, they look so nice, and so good and so complicated to do”?


I always thought […]

Macarons…first batch!2016-11-06T11:42:48+01:00

Dark Chocolate with Marsala Pears


Here I am, again, baking  for a dinner on Saturday evening. This time a pleasant  Italian-Swedish night. Ohh! So nice finally we could speak Italian and sharing our experience in Sweden.

Gianluca e Kamila are amazing! […]

Dark Chocolate with Marsala Pears2016-11-06T11:42:48+01:00

Yogurt Plum Cake


I was looking for a good recipe for a special evening with our friends Martin a Nicola, where by the way we found out that Martin is a great cook.

Finally we had a […]

Yogurt Plum Cake2016-11-06T11:42:49+01:00

Torta di mele vs Apple pie


Yesterday we were invited to a party here in Malmö.

It´s always the question “what should we bring?”

It´s even more complicated with international friends. What´s bon ton here?

But…I haven´t been questioning too much,  so I decided […]

Torta di mele vs Apple pie2016-11-06T11:42:49+01:00

Affogato al caffé


Click on the picture to watch the video

Art Director: Andrea Papini   Photographer: Sabrina Rossi

Affogato al caffé2016-11-06T11:42:49+01:00

Whole wheat flour for your tart


…the perfect base for your strawberries!

I was in the supermarket and I found this cute flour bag, attracted as a moth to light, I bought it.

It´s just whole wheat flour but I have never tried […]

Whole wheat flour for your tart2016-11-06T11:42:49+01:00

When Chocolate meet Coffee


I was thinking to a gift for a friend, something to thanks her for helping us so many times with our cat. She took care of Scendidilí (our cat) more than one time.

I thought, Geneviève […]

When Chocolate meet Coffee2016-11-06T11:42:49+01:00

Roman honeymoon: Evelina & Shahab


For me anything can be more romantic than a summer evening in Rome.


The old narrow street in the middle of the city are fascinating…every […]

Roman honeymoon: Evelina & Shahab2016-11-06T11:42:49+01:00

Love + Dogs= Lara & Tommaso


…aspettando il matrimonio

Fin dai primi appuntamenti di Lara e Tommaso i loro cani erano lí, lavorano con loro durante le sedute di Pet therapy o durante le dimostrazioni di addestramento cinofilo, sono membri della loro […]

Love + Dogs= Lara & Tommaso2016-11-06T11:42:49+01:00

Just Pizza


There are no so many thinks to say about the pizza! Almost everyone love it! Everyone has his favorite pizza.

Here you´ll find the basic recipe for the pizza with sourdough “Neapolitan-style”. High, crunchy and taste […]

Just Pizza2016-11-06T11:42:49+01:00

Pane prosciutto e fichi…Italian sandwich


Isn´t  it beautiful be a tourist (almost) in your own city?

I am here in Rome, enjoying the 3-F: friends, family…and food.

I decide to eat everything that´s not possible to find in Sweden. (At least not […]

Pane prosciutto e fichi…Italian sandwich2016-11-06T11:42:49+01:00

Wild garlic pesto


Aglio orsino 0004

Ramson or wild garlic (Allium ursinum) is a fantastic plant with a depurative, antiseptic, anti-asthmatic and hypotensive properties.


Wild garlic pesto2016-11-06T11:42:49+01:00

Week end in South Sweden…Österlin and not only


On a sunny Swedish weekend, we decided to rent a car and first stop it was in Skanör, close to Malmö.

Beautiful city on the sea. Here we found an italian gelateria da […]

Week end in South Sweden…Österlin and not only2016-11-06T11:42:50+01:00

Exploded Fruit


Uno dei miei progetti fotografici realizzato con l’aiuto del mio food stylist, Andrea.




Exploded Fruit2016-11-06T11:42:50+01:00

Take-away Lunch


I want to prepare something quick for lunch the next day, as usual, during the evening and in a hurry.
A take away lunch must has, in my opinion, some specials features: easy to carry, […]

Take-away Lunch2016-11-06T11:42:50+01:00

Chicken croquette with home made chili sauce


Yesterday, I was at home earlier than Andrea. I knew he would have been at home late really tired and a little bit stressed.  So I wanted to cheer him up.

I arrived […]

Chicken croquette with home made chili sauce2016-11-06T11:42:50+01:00

Cantucci (English)


(if you would like to see the italian version of this post. Clicca sul link per la ricetta in italiano).

We moved here but our heritage of […]

Cantucci (English)2016-11-06T11:42:50+01:00



Ci siamo trasferiti qui ma il nostro retaggio di ricette italiane rimane intatto, e ogni tanto la domenica, quando fuori fa ancora troppo fresco per un pic-nic vicino al canale. Ci divertiamo a infornare qualche […]


Parmigiana di Zucchine


The spring is coming at least this what it´s said here in Malmö. After 5 days of temperature over 6 degrees it is officially spring.

I like the idea. I can say that the spring is […]

Parmigiana di Zucchine2016-11-06T11:42:50+01:00

Semla & Carnival


Semla & Carnival. What´s the connection?

If you ask to anyone here in Sweden. They don´t know anything about carnival or mardi gras.

But, last year I was here around January and February and I saw for […]

Semla & Carnival2016-11-06T11:42:51+01:00

Snow (Neve)


Coming back home after a day of work. I am sitting on the train right now.

Outside there is a beautiful sunset, blue dipping in the red and the reflections of the sun on […]

Snow (Neve)2016-11-06T11:42:51+01:00

Pasta alle olive e chips di melanzane


Buon giorno buon giorno

Sto scrivendo or ora il secondo post della settimana. Sono sul treno e sono le sei e mezza del mattino niente di straordinario, ma ve lo comunico perchè se doveste […]

Pasta alle olive e chips di melanzane2016-11-06T11:42:51+01:00

The days after Xmas…


First Swedish Christmas…it´s gone.

And now we are removing our tree!

I like Christmas but I like also when it´s finished. I feel more powerful with a lot of new ideas and project.

I start […]

The days after Xmas…2014-01-18T23:27:41+01:00

Berry Jam Crostata


Everything started from a barter: a small bottle of oil for a jar of jam.

Michele´s berry jam for italian olive oil, precisely.

So good I tasted immediately and I decided that this jam deserved […]

Berry Jam Crostata2014-01-18T23:38:20+01:00

Nonna Margherita…


During our wonderful summer holiday we had the possibility to spend sometimes with Alessandro and Francesca.

We met their amaizing family and we learned something…

How to do the real homemade pizza?


Nonna Margherita…2016-11-06T11:42:51+01:00




From Ystad…


Wake up in a lovely sunshine morning…we are in Österlen or more precisily in Ystad, southeast corner of Sweden. Go out to buy some fresh (gnam) bread in a lovely backery.

We are in […]

From Ystad…2016-11-06T11:42:51+01:00




Bagels and mother yeast


Here we are two experiments in one…easy things are not for me!

I am trying to “growing” my mother yeast but…we can say that it is really “young” … it has just one month of life. […]

Bagels and mother yeast2016-11-06T11:42:51+01:00