Today I received an email: “Inside my bag” turned three today. Yes… Yes, it´s true. Ooops! I almost forgot it.

Stamani ho ricevuto una mail: “Inside my bag” compie tre anni oggi.  Si… Si, é vero! Quasi me lo dimenticavo.


Just three years and it seems a life time. Three years ago I was still living in Rome, just about to move in Sweden… and last year  I came back. Damn if  life didn´t  surprises me: I changed home, Country again, and another couple of things. But I kept my cat, Scendidilí, close to me  and I kept what it represents me (more or less). So here I am, on blog, on my photos, on my food styling.

Me and Scendidilí  we are now happy to enjoy beautiful sunny days, in a warm (sometimes too much) Rome on a beautiful terrace surrounded by flowers and swallows flying around.

So this post it will be just about that: our new home, colors, sun, flowers and happy feelings.
Do you wanna join me for a cup of the or coffee?

Solo tre anni fa e mi sembra una vita. Tre anni fa vivevo ancora a Roma, stavo quasi per trasferirmi in Svezia… e lo scorso anno sono rientrata. Cavolo, se la vita mi ha sorpreso: ho cambiato casa, nazione di nuovo e un altro paio di cose. Ma ho tenuto il gatto, Scendidilí, vicino a me e ho tenuto ció che mi rappresenta (piú o meno). Quindi eccomi, sul mio blog, tra le mie foto, immersa nel mio food styling.

Io e Scendidilí ora siamo felici di goderci queste bellissime giornate di sole, nella calda (qualche volta troppo) Roma sul bellissimo terrazzo circondati da fiori e svolazzanti rondini. Mi raggiungete per un caffé o un té?


Elderflower frittelle (Frittelle di sambuco)




Spring Pavlova (Pavlova di Primavera)


Elderflowers syrup (Sciroppo di Sambuco)


Elderflower and Blueberry Cupcake (Cupcake al sambuco e mirtillo)




Elderflower and Blueberry Cupcake 

– 100 g of flour 00

– 100g of potato starch
– 150 g of yogurt
– 115 grams of sugar
– 12 g  honey
– 50 g of vegetable oil
– 50 g of roux *
– 10 g of baking powder
– 1 g of salt
* For the roux
– 1 tbs of flour 00; – 40 g of water; – 40g elderflower syrup

Prepare first the roux: In a small saucepan mix the flour with the water  and the syrup carefully, avoiding lumps. Place the pan over low heat and heat over low heat, stirring, to 65 °. If like me you do not have a thermometer, you will need to obtain a compound similar to a béchamel sauce, slightly gelatinous and through which to glimpse the bottom of the pan. Off and transferred into a bowl, leaving to cool to room temperature.
Once cold, put the roux in a bowl, add the yogurt, oil, salt, sugar, honey. In another bowl mix together flour, starch, baking powder, then add them to the mixture and stir. Feel the cupcake case for 2/3 with the mixture and bake at 170 ° C for about 20 ‘minutes, doing the usual toothpick test to check the cooking.