Coming back home after a day of work. I am sitting on the train right now.

Outside there is a beautiful sunset, blue dipping in the red and the reflections of the sun on the snow and on the frozen lakes.

This is the landscape in Sweden during the winter, amazing.

 When there is the sun, with the soft snow covering the trees, everything seems nicer. Lighter!

I love the snow, and it so rare in Rome so I am not so used to it. I actually try to don’t act like a child when I am out on the soft snow. But one of these days I will make a snowman. I think I did it once, when I was three years old, during the only big snowing in Rome.

Sinceeee this weekend. It snowed in all Italy and it snowed a lot in Rome too. There were 15 cm of snow on my parents terrace on Saturday.

In the kitchen, the powder sugar it’s the snow on the top of your cookies, isn’t? Like on the top of the ricciarelli.


Those are Tuscany biscuit made basically with almonds and sugar. They are completely white, with a crunchy outside layer but with a soft heart.

Do you want to try them?

It’ s not so difficult to prepare, but really difficult to find here. So Andrea decided to bake them. These are actually his favorite cookies, and I think it is good to have some comfort food from the own country

We found the recipe on the fantastic food blog of Julskitchen. She is italian and she write amazing recipe and also about Italy. The nice thing is, that her blog is in Italian and in English too. And all the recipes have also beautiful picture of Tuscan country and of the outstanding food.

Here you will find the recipe.


Let me know if you will like the cookies and the blog…but then please come back to my blog too 🙂