Out for a walk, hunting some good fresh herbs (propping for some pictures) and new landscape around Malmö we arrived at Limahm.

SR_Limahm 39

So close to the end of Sweden we can see  the long Öresund bridge that connecti Sweden to Denmark.

SR_Limmahm 38

Me and Andrea decided to go out and finally spend sometime en plein air. The winter have been really long and dark this year. So, now that the spring arrived, we are out as much as we can.

SR_Limahm 4

This is the way to survive in Sweden, good indoor hobby for the winter and out training or for a picnic as much as possible in the spring and summer.

So since, we are new to this life we have to look around, copy and learn.
All Malmö´s folk has a bike, a good blanket (the one with one waterproof side), a nice picnic basket and a thermos…

SR_Limahm 28

It is fundamental to have something hot to drink when you want to pretend that it is warm enough to been out and it is actually a windy day not so sunny at all. 

Limmahm 13

In your thermos you can have coffee, tea, or blueberry soup (this is really good in the winter time to restore yourself when you are sick or after a long cold day).

SR_Limahm 23

Today no matter how it is the weather, someone is actually having bath…half, some other are fishing…we are all enjoying the spring.

Limmahm 35

Yes the spring is here! It is visible around as. The plants are blooming the nature is exploding.

SR_Limahm 48

SR_Limahm 55

SR_Limahm 65

SR_Limahm 74

SR_Limahm 69

 SR_Limahm 75

So I wish to every one a sunny and amazing spring but I will suggest to wait a little bit for a bath 🙂