Two weeks before Lina came I was speaking with Simona, “It would be nice to show something typical of our Italian style of life” so she proposed to go for a Fraschetta.

Going to a  Fraschetta it means go out of the city, it means  really simple and genuine food. So me Lina, Simona and Silvia went out of the city for a day to spend on the lake of Castel Gandolfo.

And again we end it up with shopping, coffee and ice cream. That sound quite italian girls style for me!

Collage lago_small

But this week it wasn’ t just about food and Italy, it has been also about work, scouting location, photoshooting, inspiration, blogging…

Here some beautiful place. This was a beautiful evening: between olive trees, vinegards, fields. An amazing evening light and me and her playing around with dresses and backgrounds, lenses. So inspiring.

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Here she is, beautiful! Again posing for me. Check on her blog soon for some pictures of the  Tekla brides dresses that she shoot photos for.


Lina in Rome Ulivi

And then driving out Rome, towards the Peony Botanic Center of Moutan, close to Viterbo we visited some small villages like Bagnaia

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Stopped on the way to walk through a haselnuts trees wood.

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And finally we arrive to the peonies fields…

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Some more days with Lina, some more walking around the city. Some more Italian Food Experiences, such as sharing this huge plate of “gnocchetti” Pasta Salad with tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and basils leaves.

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Custom Name Cristina_appartamentoIMG_0610_SabrinaRossi Custom Name Cristina_appartamentoIMG_0637_SabrinaRossi

I wish we live closer. We share energy, smiles and inspiration… I so need that, now.