Difficult to translate the Swedish word for “Fika”, for my experience Fika it´s a snack with coffe during the morning or the afternoon. During fika, grown up and kids sit down and enjoy some sweet or savory snack.

At work, during the week it´s an interesting moment to connect and meet collegues.

In Italian it can be translated as “merenda”, but usually this is more for kids.

So once, maybe during your week end, stop for a moment, invite your friends, or your family and let´s have a “fika” together.

The recipes are taken or inspired from some famous food cook or blogger as Nigella Lawson or Aaran Goyaga of VanilleetCannelle.

Here all the recipes and pictures.

I wish you will get inspired from some of those fabulouse dessert.

Andrea´s Brown Special Cupcakes.

Swedish fika

This is a special cake preparade from one friend of us. Katrina baked a Guinnes cake.

Swedish fika

And in the end, Andrea prepared dark chocolate cookies.

Swedish fika

I am so lucky to have so many good cook and friend around me with wich it is not only good to share and prepare food but also eat togethe.