Some ideas and recipe that I want to share with you perfect for a fast and simple romantic picnic in the park.

Idee Picnic

I don´t know about you but…when the sun is shining I want to be out as fast as I can. So I don´t want to put to much energy in cooking. So here I will propose 20´ recipes for your picnic in the park.

Idee Picnic

Aubergine Towers with two cheese

(ingredients for 2 towers)
1 small aubergine
2 slice of goat cheese
6 slice of Gouda (ca 100g)
olive oil

Prepare your oven pan with two sheets of backing paper (ca 20cm x20cm)
Slice your aubergines (3 mm thick), put in the center of one of backing sheet. Season it with salt. Put the Gouda cheese on the top of it and the continue with other two layers of aubergines and Gouda. On the last layer add the goat cheese.
Close your paper with a butcher cord. Let it cook for 15´ in the oven at 200° C, then open the paper and cook for other 5´ in the higher level of the oven.
Close it again, and put it immediately in a lunch box (better if it is in glass).

Idee Picnic

Tigelle with Hot Chilli Sauce, Pecorino and Lonza

6 tigelle (Italian speciality you can buy it in a Italian deli or..soon the recipe).
home made hot chilli sauce (following recipe)
80g sliced lonza
2-3 slice of pecorino cheese

Cut in the half the tigelle, spread the chilli sauce on the lower half, add a finn slice of pecorino and then a couple of slice of lonza. Close again your tigella. That´s it!

This is an Italian picnic so you will need some Italian speciality but if you don´t have it you can always substitute it with your favorite toast 😉

Idee Picnic

Home made Hot sauce

-200g fresh red hot chilli peppers
-1 clove of garlic
-8 capers (under salt)
2 anchovies
grained pepper
so much oil
Chop everithing in a blender…simple 🙂

Idee Picnic

Panzanella with Oven-roasted tomato

two branches of Roma tomato
2-4 slice of bread (depend from the size)
salt in flakes
Olive  oil
1 clove of garlic

Wash the tomatoes. Let them with the stalk on.
Put them in a oven pan season them with garlic (sliced) oregano, salt and a drizzle of olive oil. While you will roast them for 15-20´ in the oven  at 200° C, you can slice the bread to bring with you.

When you will be in the park the only think you need to do is squeeze and rub one tomato on the top of the bread (without the garlic…it should be a romantic picnic remember?) and than add the other. In this way the bread it will take the flavor and it will become softener.
You can grab the tomato from the stalk and also it them without the bread (if you want).


Strawberries marinated

250g strawberries
1tbsp raw sugar
1tbsp lime-apple vinaigrette
1tbsp squeezed lime

Wash really well your strawberries let them drain a little, keep the stalk.

In a bowl mix all the other ingredients and then add the strawberries,  stir well and let them in the fridge until you will leave.

Idee Picnic

What do you need more?
Bring forks, knife and two plate (everything recyclable).
Water and wine are almost indispensable with this tasty savory food. Don´t forget the blanket and coffee. We had an espresso size thermos with us…so cute.

Put everything in your basket, grab a blanket and go!!!!