Outside it´s snowing.

I found my self staring out the window (actually, I found my cat doing the same) the white and soft snowflakes coming down.

Today, I have been out just enough to appreciate to staying at home, warm and sipping a cup of steaming tea.

Well. During this period of the year I love to eat hot soups. Don´t you?

I may say I didi not like soups when I was a child, but this is because my mum use to cook “minestre”, Italian version of soups with small pasta inside… of course. And I don´t like minestre at all.  (A good thing to be a grown up it´s that you can cook whatever you like).

Zuppa di zucca

So, at the market I found this lovely pumpkins and other nice vegetables, as parsnips and cauliflower. No, I have not  bought them just to take a picture, but also, because I find easy to make a soup…and you can use the ingredients you prefer. Actually I think I discover my favorite combinations.

Onion, Pumpkin, parsnip and I use the cauliflower as croutons: the crunchy consistence it gives a nice texture to the soups.

Zuppa di zucca

The differences between my recipe and a classic soups (at least the one that restaurants serve here in Sweden) is that I don´t use the heavy cream or sour cream or any cream at all.

But I can ensure you that this soup it´s really tasty as well!

For the recipe read more.

Ingredients for 2:

– 300g yellow pumpkin

– 2 small parsnips

-1/2 of a yellow big onion or 1 small

– 6 tbs EVO oil

– salt (to taste)

– paprika powder (to taste)

– 1/4 of a small cauliflower

– 1 tsp apple lime vinaigrette

– 1l of vegetable stock

– 2tbs of soy flour

– black grained pepper

Wash peel and chop the  pumpkin and the parsnips. Chop finely the onion and cook it in a pot with 5 tbs of oil until golden (medium heat). Add the chopped vegetables to the onions. Add the warm stock and the salt.

Cook for  45´ at low heat, stir sometimes.

In the mean time, wash and slice the cauliflower as thin as possible, season it with oil, salt, the pepper and vinaigrette.

When the soup is ready taste it for the salt and if you are not satisfied for the thickness you can take 2 cups of stock, mix with 2 spoons of soy´s flour in a bowl and then mix the paste that you will obtain with the soup.

Serve with the cauliflower´s slices and some paprika (if you like it).