Rabarbaro 7552_SabrinaRossi

Sometimes you don´t need to go out, you just want chill out at home, maybe with the one you loved, or with your best friend (or both sometimes, when you are so lucky that it is the same person).

At least this was my idea about a month ago when I was preparing this cocktail.

So I wanted a cocktail a special one, just for me…this a pink-martini cocktail is a mix between Italian and Sweden taste…

In fact, here in Sweden, the rhubarb seems to represent summer. They used everywhere especially for cakes and dessert.

So I took this wonderful plant and I used just the stems (the leaves are POISON!) to do the sirup and then I mixed with my favorite Italian liquor.

Rabarbaro Leaf

To make this cocktail even nicer I used the lilac flower into the ice cubes. Amazing cute.

Rhubarb drink_Sabrina Rossi

Rhubarb drink_Sabrina Rossi

Here the recipe for the cocktail

– 1/4 rhubarb syrup

– 1/2 Martini

-1/4 Spumante Rosé

-3 drops of angostura

– zest of ginger