(ricetta e post in italiano)

Days ago I got a surgery on my wisdom tooth. So I couldn´t eat anything hard. But I could eat Ice-cream!!!

So I opened the freezer and I found the chocolate ice cream made from Andrea days ago.

chocolate truffle 1

This is more than an ice-cream, it seems a dark chocolate “truffle”. But it is really good and it is possible to make it without ice cream maker.

We found this recipe on Cup of Joe but it is originally from Caffè Fernando.

I wanted to add to this recipe one of my favourite ingredient…hazelnuts.

So Andrea added some roasted chopped hazelnuts to the recipe and voilá!

At the end this ice cream tastes as my favourite chocolate praline  “bacio”, a must in Italy, but here it is not available.  (One of this day I will try to them at home and I will give you more information about this praline).

Chocolate Ice Cream