There are no so many thinks to say about the pizza! Almost everyone love it! Everyone has his favorite pizza.

Here you´ll find the basic recipe for the pizza with sourdough “Neapolitan-style”. High, crunchy and taste Italian pizza.

Just Pizza

Pizza (dough)

-300g sourdough

-400g flour

-water (room temperature)


Kneading all the ingredients, the day before. Use enough water to obtain a soft dough but not to sticky.

Let the dough stand in the refrigerator.

Take it out in the morning.

Let the dough in a big bowl greased with oil.

When the dough will be the double of the size divide it in 4 different buns. Cover with a linen and let them rise…

Sprinkle a little of flour on the pizza. Stretch the buns a little with the fingers. Start from the center and slowly rotate the dough as you knead to stretches evenly.

Coat both side of the dough with olive oil to keep it from sticking and to give the pizza a nice brown hue.

Put inside the baking oven pan for pizza.

Stretch the dough until it reaches the desired size (always gently).

Preheat the oven at max temperature.

Let the pizza rise for an half an hour, then spread the seasoning that you would like on the top and bake for 20-30’. Let it the first 10’ in the lowest part of the oven and then move in the highest level.

It will be ready when it will look crunchy and golden.

Just Pizza

Just Pizza

Just Pizza

Just Pizza

Just Pizza

Just Pizza