My head has been spinning all time, looking for some peace and I did as well: I have been all around in Italy, also I travelled back and forward to Malmö twice.

The first trip has been a bit strange not really a vacation but no matter what I was able to spend sometimes with friends in Malmö.
A nice couple invited me and my at mum at dinner (her first experience as a guest in a international dinner). So I baked tart with strawberries to bring to them.
Strawbery tart
I found really helpful baking in this period, everything slow down when you mix eggs, sugar and flour. Don´t you think too?
The dinner was amazing, having dinner in Sweden it is a completely different situation from the one you can have Italy: soft light, soft sparkling music in background, and a buffet dinner. In Italy we are not used to all this “ambient caring”. We usually have really strong light, to see really clear what are we eating and don´t fell asleep after a really big dinner (missing all the romance of the candle light). So me and my mum where enchanted from the food and the company.

My friends have also a really good taste for the interior and amazing savoir fair. They prepare an Italian style menu with starter, consommé,  second course. But for the dessert we had my tart.

It was a success, they had a second piece after and this is really unusual for everyone living in Sweden, here every one is afraid of carbs.

Strawberry cake_IMG_1065SabrinaRossi

This is really an easy  recipe I found on Peta´s blog. I met her in the workshop in Spain, she is an amazing chef, stylist and recipe developer. But more important she is a beautiful person
Here the link to her blog and recipe…don´t miss it.