I have been following Katie Queen for almost two years. I fell in love of her food styling and picture. She inspired from my first step in this adventure to become a food photographer, a blogger…I just add my love for food and cook. Passions that I share with my husband (great help when I need inspiration and  to prepare a mouth watering new dish).

Now, he is out for a interior photo shooting, it is sunny chilly Saturday and I can finally add something on my blog. So with “Amelie  from Montmatre” soundtrack and “What katie ate Recipe and other Bites & Bobs” book on my side I decide it to write this post.

Yesterday evening I got the book, first thought was to just to look at the pictures and enjoy  it a small “bite” at time, then, I realize that it is not just only a photo book, but it is a recipes book. So for the first time in my life I decide to follow step by step a whole recipe. I mean without change it, arrange it or make it in my way.

And now here I am to make a review on the quality of the book and the first recipe tried.

Well, I must admit it is not without a little of envious that I can say, she is not just a great food stylist and food photographer….(read recipe review)

The recipes are easy to follow for the design and the way are written. I love the design of the book (remember me a lot the first version of What Katie ate blog, that it was more interesting for my point of view, but of course now it is more serious…I don´t know maybe it is  right to change and evolve).

Recipe review

”Beef and Pork sliders” page 108.

I didn´t have time to bake the brioche but I wanted to try one of the favorite dish for my husband: home made burgers.

Well, he is really fussy on burgers but…

…he has to admit that I (a woman and not a great fun of meat and burgers) using a recipe of Katie (another woman -note: he is not sexist but it doesn´t believe we can appreciate a good  big greasy burger-) has cooked one of the top five burgers he has ever had.

So I suggest this recipe, it´s perfect balance in flavors: the onion and the garlic don´t take over, the mustard and the balsamic vinegar add the right acidity. I also love the back taste of dried chilli flakes. Perfect!

Next time to tried them on the grill and some friends (it is still a little bit to cold to enjoy a grilled party outside, at least here in Sweden).