This was a long working day, it was long because I was thinking all day to come back to take this pictures and write a new post (this one).

New Year, new energy, new crazy ideas.

Moving in Sweden, studying a new language, looking for my space in the Swedish world of job. These are really a lot of things to work on, but sometimes I need to find time for my myself.

So, my blog is my escaping from reality. It gives me the possibility to work and communicate through photography what I love to do.

In this last period I heard more than one of our friends ask me and Andrea (my husband) “are you cooks or photographers?”

We should answer that we are photographers that loves to eat good looking food.

When I have in front of me a beautifull dish, I need to take a picture. How can I eat a masterpiece without any pictures to testify that later on?

All this preamble to tell you about my new idea for 2012.

“A photography-a recipe”. The ideal it would be doing a picture every day, but I already know that I would be lucky if I will be able to keep on this project doing one recipe a week.

But I don’t want to transform this just in a food blog. (They are really interesting but I think that than we will need a period of working out and diet). So you’ ll find some more post on travels and other things.

So Ladies and Gentlemen I am glad to introduce my first recipe of the first week of the year. My assistent, cook, and often the mind behind the recipe wiil be Andrea.

I will be the photographer and the official taster for you if you want to follow us in this in new adventure.

Ingredients for 2

For the fish:

2 ficks pieces of cod fish

2 slices of pancetta or bacon

a bunch of parsley




For the pesto:

300g of rocket

60g pine nuts

1/2  clove of garlic

100g pecorino

olio (q.s.)

For the potatoes:

3 big potatoes





Pre-heat your oven to 250ºC. Season the cod with salt, pepper and minced parsley. Use a meat mallet to make pancetta thiner. Then rolled a fillet of cod into a slice of pancetta. Place them on an oiled baking tray .

Wash the potatoes thoroughly and slice them with the skin. Cook the potatoes in cold water untill water it will boil. Drain them and put in a baking tray with salt, peppar, rosmarin and oil. Roast in the oven for 20 min.

Blizt the rocket into a food processor with oil, garlic until chopped then add the pine nuts, the cheese and oil just enough to obtain a creamy consistency.

When the potatoes are ready roast the fish till the pancetta it will look crunchy.

I can suggest you to have the first bite of the fish with a little of the rocket pesto it’s amazing bitter. I liked it! What do you think about it?