…the perfect base for your strawberries!

I was in the supermarket and I found this cute flour bag, attracted as a moth to light, I bought it.

It´s just whole wheat flour but I have never tried this for sweet preparation.

So why don´t start with a simple recipe for a nice result: a shortbread for strawberry tarts.

Strawberry tart

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– 1 egg

– 150g whole wheat flour

– 150g white flour (all porpouse)

– 100g sugar

– 50g raw sugar

– a pinch of backing powder

– 100g unsalted butter

-If you have a mixer add all the ingredients together except  the butter, put on the medium speed.

After a minute start to add the butter, a small piece at the time.

When the dough will be completely mixed, really yellow and smooth, keep it in the fridge for an hour.

-If you don´t have the mixer, mix the flours and the baking powder.

Put the mix  in pyramid form on your table, make a hole and insert the egg, the sugar. Work a little the egg with the sugar then add the butter in small pieces to the flour and mix all together.

Work as less as it possible because the warmth of your hands can ruin the dough.

When the dough it will be ready, let in the fridge (read before).

In the mean time preheat the oven at 180C.

Take the dough out of the fridge and sliced.

Work every slice to obtain a small tart on the baking paper.

if you´ll use as in the picture small tart pan (10cm diameter) you will obtain around 10 tarts.

Move your tart with all the baking paper on the tart pan and make the dough fit into it. Cover every tart with baking paper and a small quantity of dried chickpeas.

Bake the tarts for 15´then remove the paper on the top and let them bake for other 10´.

Take it out and let them cool down for an hour. Then cover with strawberry jam or whatever you´ll prefer.

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