Here we are two experiments in one…easy things are not for me!

I am trying to “growing” my mother yeast but…we can say that it is really “young” … it has just one month of life. So I tried to do something easy with it? No Not really.

I tried bagels. Never done before.

So it was friday and I decide to  bake…what?

I am italian and I like italian bread and (it´s also easier for me to read in italian) so I found this beautifull blog “anice e cannella” food photography blog…gorgeous where there are beautiful pictures and recipes of bread and not only.

So I saw the post on bagels…I tried to resist…but…I didn´t.

So this is the result and I have also modified the recipe

I found here the original recipe…but I wanted to modified and maybe I wrong something but the next time it would be better…

To find out how to use the mother yeast I read this blog

So at the end this was my recipe:

400gr flour (100gr manitoba- 300gr 00)

225ml milk

50 gr butter

25 gr sugar 

200gr mother yeast* 

1 tsp sea salt

1 yolk

 1 egg white

2 tbsp milk

*If you have a really strong m-y maybe you can use less of this.

Put the (almost) boiling milk in a big bowl add the butter and the sugar since they melt and mix together. Then when the milk has cool down add the mother yeast stir since it melt completely  than add the egg white (keep the yolk for later) and the salt. 

Now start to add the flour and mix with the spoon since it will be impossible and then continue with hand kneading.It will take at least 15 minutes to obtain a smooth dough.  I let the dough grow for 2 and half hours in the oven with just the light turn on.

Then take the dough and dived it in 12 smaller pieces (all similar between each other) and rolled them.

(Now this is not easy to explain).

Insert your finger in the middle of one ball and let the dough rotate around your finger like an hula-hoop.
Let all the rings rest and grow for other 10-20minutes.

In the mean time preheat the oven at 200 degrees.

Now dip the bagel into boiling water for 10” each side.

And this is the result…they seems all wrinkled…but it´s ok they should be like that.

And now…let them to dry off 10 minutes. After that, brush them with a mix of yolk and milk and put over them some sesams seeds.

Baked them in the oven for 20 minutes.

Put them under a clean kitchen towel and let rest there at least for 10 minutes…

Ummhhh can you smell it? Aren´t they fantastic?