Isn´t  it beautiful be a tourist (almost) in your own city?

I am here in Rome, enjoying the 3-F: friends, family…and food.

I decide to eat everything that´s not possible to find in Sweden. (At least not with the same flavor and taste). That´s why I prepare a simple super Italian sandwich.

Italian sandwich

Italian sandwich

Pane prosciutto e fichi

– 2 slices of Sourdough bread

– 2 ripe figs

– 2 slices of San Valentino prosciutto (or any Italian dry well seasoned prosciutto)

Toast the bread, add immediately the slice of ham so it will melt a little.

Then split into two the figs and insert in between the slices of bread and prosciutto.

And that´s it!!!

It can´t be easier and tastier.

Italian sandwich