How many times did you think “ohh look that macarons, they look so nice, and so good and so complicated to do”?


I always thought they were too complicated but I really wanted to try this biscuits.
So this was the first experiment…no wait it is not true. It was not the first time.


But Let me start from the beginning.

Six years ago I was in Zurigo, it seems a life ago, I was studying biology, monkeys behavior and I was there for a congress. I was struggling to speak English for the first time, and it was in front of at least 150 people.


It was also our vacation (for me and Andrea) and during our walking in the city I saw for the first time the macarons. It was at Sprüngli pastry and the windows were covered with a rainbow of colored biscuits.

We could not resist, we bought two macarons for each one us (really really expensive) and I had my first culinary experience: soft and friable biscuits with a crunchy outside and a perfect cream in the middle.

In Italy I have not seen anything like that before

Then I started to see this macarons everywhere. All the blogs, and magazine about food are covered of this pictures.


So when I decide to bake them I read the recipe on a blog: It  was so complicated, I was supposed to measure the temperature of the melting sugar, and than find the right baking pan…and make so many trial before to reach the perfect way to cook them.
I gave up.

But some days ago, I found another one, simpler, easier.

So I tried and…that was my first trial: well you´ll never see any picture of that, because it was a disaster and it ended in a chocolate cake. Yes a chocolate cake!

But this was my second trial

I will not write any recipe but I give you the link for the one that I tried…good luck!