I was looking for a good recipe for a special evening with our friends Martin a Nicola, where by the way we found out that Martin is a great cook.

Finally we had a taste of how the swedish cuisine can be amazing good.

I really wanted to try do a plum cake, but I didn´t want to bake the classic sponge cake with plums on top. So I found a cheese cake with plums…as usual I made my small adjustment, I wanted a little bit less cheese-flavor. So instead of the fresh cheese I used greek yogurt.

The result was excellent a normal plum cake from the outside expect with a heart of baked yogurt.

Plum-Yogurt cake 1

Plum-Yogurt cake

Yogurt Plum Cake recipe


-180g flour

-80g sugar

-3 eggs

– 150g yogurt

-100g greek yogurt

for the topping:

-300g plums

-2 tbs EVO

-1 ts baking powder

-half cup honey granola

Preheat the oven at 200°C.

Mix all the ingredient.

Cover the baking pan (I used a loaf pan of 20cm lenght) with the baking paper.

Put the mix into the pan and cover with the sliced plums and put the granola on the top.

Cook for the 35’. Control that cake is ready with the “tooth pick” test (insert the tooth pick deep into the cake, take it out and control if the cake is still to umid or not).

Plum-Yogurt cake