Fette Biscottate and Some Spring Pictures!

Fette Biscottate And Spring Pictures…

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Yesterday was the first day of spring, 21 March. I was coming back from an amazing job adventure in Milan. Yes! For a fabulous Italian Magazine, La Cucina Italiana.  And from visiting my sweet nephew and nice…There I spent time playing with them, decorating eggs for Easter and baking “bignè di San Giuseppe” for my brother (those are typical sweet treats we use to give for Father’s day, 19th March)

Arrived here I have so many things to do but I decide to take it easy for one time in my life. So between cooking, and tasting, styling and shooting I decide that was time to write here about my last recipe:

“Fette Biscottate”, I don’t like the” rusk”word to translate, but this is what it is, slices of sweet bread with barley malt flavor. I did  this recipe because I decide to start to avoid palm oil and all the things are made with that. It seems impossible, but somewhere I have to start.

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Recipe inspired from Anice e Cannella

Fette Biscottate

Ingredients for 30 slices.

500g wholemeal

flour 500g flour  7 cereals

100g caster sugar

10g dry yeast

3 tsp malt barley

450ml water

2 egg whites

100ml sunflower oil 1

10g salt

1 egg yolk

Dissolve the yeast in the water, then add all the dry ingredients, then the egg white, and the oil. Make the food processor work for about 15 ‘ with the hanger hook, medium-low speed. Finally, add the salt and let it go for other 5 ‘. Let it in a bowl  for 30’, at room temperature, covered with foil. Then divided into 3 loaves of equal size. Let  them rise for about 15 ‘. Then rolled out with your hands and roll up tightly along the long side (like a baguette) each loaf and place them in trays sliced ​​bread. Let rise for one hour at about 28-30 ° C. As soon as the loaf look enough rised, brush and bake at 180 ° C for 30 ‘. Then cover with aluminum foil and turn down to 160-170 ° C (depending on the oven). Let cool on wire rack. The next day, slice each loaf in 8mm slices and bake them  at the lowest Temperature until they will become golden and dry. (About 1h baking at 120°C)

So because in Italy as you maybe know we like sweet breakfast this is my way to star days… thinking I have done a small step for a good reason.

NO PALM OIL, that’s my daily food revolution.

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