Almonds treasure



(Per la versione italiana del testo vai a fine post)

Being by myself for some weeks, alone most of the times  even with small internet connection, it’s not so bad. I could really just listen. Listen my thought, focus and appreciate the nature all around.

Don’t get me wrong there were still all of other people at Case Vecchie, some of them live there other just work there… but you know what I meant, no one to share the work with, no friends, family and in an appartment all for me.
So from that summer days:
Just one step out of my office, and I am in the middle of soft, long round shapes limitless lines, those are the hills and the pattern of  fields. Golden curves drew by tractors during the threshing in contrast with the black of uncultivated fields.


CaseVecchie_SabrinaRossiIMG_3505    CaseVecchie_SabrinaRossiIMG_4497

Here sadness or anxiety leaves for a smile.
Light is the one just before sunset, golden and warm. I leave my “office” and I take the car. I drive through wineyards and olive trees, hanging to the steering wheel of my Fiat Panda old-super-old car, to look really carefully for the holes on the white road. Stop the car in the middle of the road to take a photo of branches of almonds. How can you resist to this light?





Sorbetto Mulberries recipe, natural flavour

CaseVecchie2014_SabrinaRossiIMG_6368 1

Of all the things I ate during when I was in Sicily what I miss the most is the ice-cream, fresh made with the fruit and cheese of the place. Unforgettable! Even the idea to look to ice-cream machine working the batter until stiff and fluffy it was part of the pleasure. Like looking to your cake raising up in the oven.
One of the most tasty one for me it was actually a Sorbetto, I was already speaking about that in the previous blogpost… here it is with photos and recipe.


(ripe mulberries just picked)

When I arrived from Rome, I saw the tree, and the fruits where not ready yet, almost everyday, walking in the garden, I went to check them.

Finally in the end of July… they where black and juicy. Ready!! They are quite difficult to pick. That’s why you can see Giovanni helping us, climbing the tree and exploring the branches. And an other problem of this berry is… when it is ready you can picked it but… you will get completely covered from the red juice.
Giovanni told me that the best way to clean yourself from the red liquid it is to rub the part with an unripe berry. I didn’t try because I needed too many.


CaseVecchie2014_SabrinaRossiIMG_6345(Giovanni picking mulberries)


(mulberries when they are not ready yet)