March, Milan: La Cucina Italiana. What else?

Working memories:
(testo in italiano dopo il read more)

I browse the archive and I find March folder  with the pictures I took for  the magazine La Cucina Italiana, a smile, and a shiver of satisfaction, because there are those services that remind me why I do this work.Frullato_SabrinaR _CucinaItaliana

Right now I’m in Sweden (maybe in a few years I can post some pictures of this trip also, who knows #selfirony) and I stopped a bit to make the point.

For few months  you work, so much that you forget what  you did or who you are. Then when your passion end up calling work and concentrate on bills, deadlines and customer poetry disappears. I even forget that you have a blog (now my irony going great).

Begins a whirlwind of “mental chewing” …

Let’s reboot … perhaps with some cookies …


For me, fortunately to cover the holes of a broken memory , there are photos. Thanks goodness I do a job that leaves traces: between a neuron and another a thread shows with a small springs, a picture hanging, and thus closes the neuron connection missing.


That’s it:  now I remember. It was March and I took a train, a nocturne one.

Broken window, then it’s open with all the clatter and the wind coming in. Two “boys” with beer and chips, chew in my ears. I make a mental list: camera, lens, tripod … the list is long. Nothing is missing.

My thoughts turn to the dark circles that I will show the day after at the redaction … well! I have make up with me too.

I muttered something …  like a sour old lady, and the boys do not sing anymore.It’s sunny. Twice in Milan and I have never seen a cloud (like me).  I get lost… Arrival at work in time,  at 9:30 anyway.

I am happy as a clam, ready to start, it does not seem real to have a team to work with. Normally, I work closed in my studio or in the kitchen, alone. Having a group to talk to confront and take … is the top: here I am in the Studio with the Food and Prop Stylist Anna Casiraghi, with the chef Paolo Monti who cooks for us, Photo Editor Elena Villa and Art Director Martina Uderzo who follow us …

..what else? what I want more out of life? Tasting that blessed Smoothie Please! (Done!)


Epiphany! Fast ask me: “what would you take with you to a desert island?”

(Apart from food, water and Willson) … I know it!  An album of photographs, one old-fashioned way, with pages faded and the protective film is detached.

All photos are of the Service of the May issue of the Italian Cooking 2015.